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Refund Policies

There are no refunds of any kind products or services.  Pasadena Paintball Sports and Supply does not warranty games play. Products are currently not offered through our website. Please visit our retail store located in Pasadena for products and services purchased locally.

On every paintball product in our store we provide a 1 year limited warranty from the time of purchase. If the product requires a part more then $5.00 you will be charged for the item. There are no warranties for game play on our fields either owned or leased for events/experiences.

What is paintball?

PAINTBALL is an exciting action participation sport that delivers an incredible adrenaline rush! In its simplest form, paintball is a mix of capture-the-flag and chess played between two teams. Each team (usually between seven and fifteen players) attempts to capture the opposing team’s flag, while avoiding being tagged with a “splat” or splash of washable “paint” (vegetable oil and food color). The game is won by the team that brings the opposing team’s flag back to its own base, or by eliminating all opposing players from the game. Your excitement level is so high that frequently you will not know, or care, who won until the game is over! Each player has a paintball marker that propels paintballs (small, gelatin capsules filled with biodegradable, non-toxic “paint”) at the other team in an attempt to eliminate opposing players from the game. We use only high quality products and equipment, so the “paint” easily washes out of your clothing. Games are played on groomed, wooded fields somewhat larger than a soccer field, or on our air bunker (air ball) fields with man-made bunkers and barricades added for extra diversity. The air bunker (air ball) fields are netted so spectators can watch.

How long does a game last?

Games last from 1 minute to 15 minutes. You can play roughly 8-14 games in one 3-1/2 hour session.

Is Paintball dangerous?

Statistics over the years has shown that you are more likely to become a casualty of playing a round of golf then you would be playing paintball. Injuries in paintball are more on the lines of sprains and bruises. Our refs are right there with you in the action and take precautions and monitor play to keep you safe.

How old must I be to play?

You must be 10 years of age or up to play paintball. No one under 18 will be allowed to play without signed waiver by a parents or guardian. All players must sign a full wavier (a release of liability) to play paintball. If you need to download or print the waiver, please click HERE. If you are under 18 years old the wavier must contain your guardian’s signature for you to play. Please be prepared to show proof of your age (photo driver’s license).

How safe is safe?

Safety is the MOST IMPORTANT. We stress safety not only at each safety briefing before each game but also constant reminders throughout your day AND DURING PLAY! We have dedicated refs who are constantly watching and interacting with all players to ensure and minimize any risk and player infractions while games are in progress. WE DO NOT TOLERATE UNSAFE BEHAVIOR!

Do I need to bring with me or wear any special clothes?

Not really. Work clothing, clothing you do not mind getting covered with paint (it is washable) and supportive foot wear is what we recommend. Wearing multiple layers of clothing may overheat you and not necessarily keep you from feeling a paintball hit. We do recommend you do not wear shorts and short sleeves leaving part of your skin exposed. ALL PLAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO WEAR PROTECTIVE MASKS!

Can I bring my own paint?

No, we do not allow players to bring their own paint. We stock the finest paint on the market at very reasonable prices.

Who else will I play against/with?

You are always encouraged to bring friends/co-workers/ family etc., and we always normally keep these groups together, unless otherwise asked. Walk-on players are grouped and very quickly these new teams become a great deal of fun and a social experience. Each week we have walk-on players (single participants) making plans with new friends for future games and the strategy for winning next time begins. This has lead to the creation of teams that play together regularly (and some pretty good parties in our picnic area, too!)

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